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Vietnamese cuisine

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Experience special delicacies from Vietnam.
Come with us on a culinary journey through Vietnam.

Our motivation
Sharing Vietnamese culture and cuisine with you

Our name "Pho Bui" stands for our passion and specialization in Vietnamese cuisine. We are proud to present you our love for the culinary diversity of Vietnam.

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The national dish from Vietnam

A special highlight of our kitchen is our national dish "Phở". It is impossible to imagine Vietnamese cuisine without this traditional noodle soup. The secret of a good Pho lies in the gentle preparation, the high-quality ingredients, fresh herbs and a squeeze of lime juice. Here at Pho Bui, every Pho is prepared with love and care to give you the authentic taste experience.

Authentic Vietnamese dishes at Pho Bui

Besides Pho, we also offer many other delicious Vietnamese dishes. For example, try our summer rolls filled with fresh herbs and vegetables and accompanied by a delicious sauce. Or how about the classics - fried rice or a noodle dish with vegetables, meat or seafood? You may never have experienced these dishes with such intense flavor.

A taste experience from fresh ingredients and gentle preparation

Our goal is to bring you a piece of Vietnamese culture and offer you an authentic taste experience. Therefore, we use only fresh ingredients and pay attention to a gentle preparation. Visit us at Pho Bui and let our cuisine enchant you.

Our menu please also various vegetarian and vegan options.